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Dwengo provides all hardware you need: Dwengo programmer, Dwengo board, breadbord.

Serbo-Croatian students getting started with microcontrollers

Students at the Faculty of Computer Science in Belgrade have translated our Programming microcontrollers in Windows, Linux and OS X using MPLAB-X page into Serbo-Croatian External link. They hope this will help their people to gather additional knowledge about microcontrollers, and computing in general. Do checkout out their translation if you are from that region. Good luck to Anja and her colleagues, and thanks for spreading the word!

Researchers from Ghent get Google RISE award

Google RISE

Yesterday, 15th Feb., Google announced that Dwengo vzw will be Google RISE partner External link during 2013. In this way Google stimulates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.


Serial communication: Dwengo & GNU Octave

Dwengo & GNU Octave side by side

This tutorial shows several small tricks:

  • How to easily compile from the command line using the project Makefile described in my post about command line compilation (extension of Wim's post).
  • How to send integers (2-bytes long) over the serial port (1-byte messages).
  • How to plot "real-time" the data in the serial port using GNU Octave External link.

In case of questions you can ask them here, or you can contact me in the #dwengo channel at using any IRC chat client (e.g. Pidgin External link) or a web based client External link.


Dwengo gets things rolling

Dwengo I/O board

Did you ever dream about controlling your lights, fridge or radio using a microcontroller? Then we have some great news! This summer Dwengo launches the Dwengo I/O board with which you can control 8 different devices (< 250 VAC). Additionally, the I/O board is compatible with the existing Dwengo-board. A teaser of the Dwengo I/O board can be found in the following movie:


Source code for the Dwengo library now on GitHub

To make development for the Dwengo board even easier, we have made the source code of the Dwengo library available on GitHub External link. You can easily download a ZIP file with all source files using this link External link, or, if you want to do development on the Dwengo library itself, you can use your own GitHub account to make a Fork External link and send us Pull requests External link. All improvements and extensions are welcome!


Programming microcontrollers in Windows, Linux and OS X using MPLAB-X

The fact that Microchip is building MPLAB X External link, a platform independent programming environment for microcontrollers, is no longer a secret. The final version is not available yet, but the current beta version (Beta 7.12) is mature enough for daily use. In this blog post, we show how to use MPLAB X in combination with the Dwengo library and the Dwengo board. We will show you how to install MPLAB X and how to build your first project.


Dwengo Blocks: graphical programming for everyone!

Dwengo Blocks

The main goal of Dwengo is making microcontrollers available for everyone. Therefore Dwengo is innovating both software and hardware. Currently we are developing Dwengo Blocks, a programming and simulation environment that runs in your browser. Dwengo Blocks is an easy-to-use graphical programming language for microcontrollers. You can draw the desired functionality, automatically translate this to a C program and immediately test whether it works correctly in an online hardware simulator. When finished, you can download the program and load it onto your Dwengo board!


New in the Dwengo shop: mains power supply for the dwengo board

power supply

Dwengo now also offers a power supply which is fully compatible with the dwengo board. This efficient switched 9V adapter allows you to use your dwengo board without USB cable and can provide currents up to 2A.


Intelligent backup system for DMX controlled light effects

backup system DMX

Today DMX512 External link is widely used for control of stage lights and special effects devices. More recently, control is made easier by introducing computers. However, the use of computers is limited due to lacking reliability. If the computer crashes, the control will fail and lights will turn off.


Controlling a camera using a Dwengo board

It's already known that the Dwengo board can be used for a wide range of applications. And people always find new ways to use it! Recently, kr3l introduced the stalker: a combination of a Dwengo board and a camcorder. The goal is to embed this in a bird house and spy on those shady birds. Read the full story with assembly instructions on kr3l's blog External link.

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