Dwengo vzw is a non-profit organisation that supports people who like to experiment with micro-controllers.

Dwengo gets you started with microcontrollers

Dwengo wants to get you really started with microcontrollers. Therefore, we have developed the Dwengo board: a flexible, programmable, electronics prototyping platform with in its core a PIC from Microchip.

On our website you can find tutorials and example projects that get you started quickly with developing your own applications for the Dwengo board.

Our team

  • Peter Bertels
  • Karel Bruneel
  • Michiel D'Haene
  • Joni Dambre
  • Wim Heirman
  • Naveen Kuppuswamy
  • Sean Rul
  • Tim Waegeman
  • Francis wyffels
  • Juan Pablo Carbajal

How it all started

All the founders have a background as engineer in electronics or computer science at Ghent University. During that time they were active in WELEK (workgroup electronics) External link, a student group that allowed students to get some hands-on experience with soldering and small electronic projects.

During that time Michiel and Karel developed an experiment board with a PIC microcontroller, the predecessor of the current Dwengo board. The versatility of the board made it a good platform for a lot of projects. Soon people from outside the university started to show interest in our board, so that is how the idea started to grow to make the board available to the world: Dwengo was born!


Office: Stasegemsesteenweg 149, 8530 Harelbeke
VAT code: BE 0811.397.278